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Autronica Fire and Security AS has an extensive range of emergency light systems and luminaires intended for small and plain systems to large and complex installations.
Our entire range includes systems and luminaires for many different applications and locations, including different buildings onshore, maritime and offshore applications, weatherproof and vandal resistant applications and many other applications.

Simple and cost-effective internal control
To meet the requirements of today’s regulations in respect of testing and documentation, we offer addressable systems for continuous monitoring and automatic control of luminaries. The systems have either centralised or decentralised battery backup.

In larger installations, our emergency light systems can be integrated with an Autronica fire-detection system, providing full monitoring and control using a graphic presentation system from a single PC.

All luminaires are in compliance with international regulations as CEI 34-21, CE EN 60598-2-22.


Decentralised Emergency Lights has battery backup included in each luminary. Autotest or adressable monitoring can be included to the decentralised emergency lights.


Centralized Emergency Lights Systems have centralized battery backup. Each luminary is powered from this central. All communication between each luminary and the central goes through the power line. The system automatically monitors and tests the luminary and battery backup and stores the information in the memory for minimum two years.

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