How many people are depending on you for safety – every single day?

The metro system is the blood stream of any large city - an exciting and vital part of the infrastructure. It is of great importance that we keep the metro up and running - without any unnecessary shut-downs - at all times.

The metro system is also exposed to threats against public security. Solid procedures and observant passengers is key to avoiding such crises, but should the unthinkable happen, it is critical to have a top quality fire safety system in place, avoiding sending passengers and crew into dangerous situations.

Large open spaces, a wide network of tunnels, and thousands of people unfamiliar with the evacuation routines make the metro a challenging place to protect.

Luckily, we love a challenge.

AutroSafe panels

Fire detection system

AutroSafe is a distributed fire detection system for medium to large sized installations. The main panel is placed in a cabinet in the control room. Fire brigade panels are located near all entrances. Our loop powered panels communicate and are powered through the detection loop.

Redundant solutions means that f a panel is disabled due to an incident, another panel in the system will take control of the loop, ensuring continuous fire detection.

Our fire detection systems monitor their own panels and cabling. Additionally, our SelfVerify technology perform a check of every single detector, every day.

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Presentation system

AutroMaster presentation system monitor is placed in the control room, providing full control of the station, or all metro stations in the city. AutroMaster simplifies and reduces cost of maintenance. Manual controls are carried out using a tablet PC, and you can generate reports based on the result. You can also monitor elevators and other system from here. 
In the Decision Support System you can add your own procedures and practice these.

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Flame detector land

Flame detector

Our IR2 flame detector is ideal for the fast and reliable detection in challenging environments such as tunnels. It is also well suited for protection of facades and garbage storeage areas.

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AutroSafe panels

Linear heat detection

Linear heat detector cables are covering confined spaces such as cable trays. The detector is signalling an alarm when detecting significant rises in temperature.

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Beam detector

Beam detector

Beam detectors are ideal in large, open spaces, such as entrance halls and on platforms, as smoke interrupting the IR beam causes alarm.

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Why choose fire safety from us

Technical department

Responsible for ensuring that all persons present in the station are safe, in that the system is working correctly at all times.
Spends less time on daily operations:
  • Easy enabling/disabling duringmaintenance
  • Automatic logging of events
  • Mobile operation
  • Top system connecting all fire safety systems.

City offcials

Primarily responsible for ensuring the everyday operations run smoothly, without interruption, and at a budgeted cost.
  • Smart technology reduces the scope of manual control while increasing safety and doubling the detector lifetime
  • Daily self tests ensure any malfunctioning detectors are discovered immediately

Fire department

Responsible for fire fighting, lifesaving and salvaging remaining value. Short response time is essential to minimize damage to life, environment, and property, and to ensure minimal downtime.
Benefit from early detection and timely notification, few unwanted alarms:
  • Smart technology detects fire faster and eliminates unwanted alarms
  • Handheld/tablet AutroMaster shows fire progress and indicates precise location

Metro staff

Responsible for action in an evacuation. Must be up to date on evacuation procedures at all times.
Get easy, clear information in an emergency situation:
  • See where the alarm originates on fire alarm panel or top system
  • Faster handling of the situation
  • Can rehearse different scenarios without disturbing the everyday operations


Get where they need to go on time, with a minimum of interruptions. They’re avoiding unnecessary, frightening situations, and get a better customer experience.