As much smoke as possible – without fire

Large concert arenas holding thousands of people and small assembly halls worthy of preservation have two things in common: They often use artificial smoke and pyrotechnics – and smoke detection is a requirement. This is often solved by placing a plastic bag over the detector during the show. This is not an optimal solution.

We make sure the show can go on.

Pyrotechnics impose special demands on the smoke and flame detection. Dry ice and other false sources of smoke are utilised to imitate the real thing. Pyrotechnic flames are the real flames under strict control, that the flame detector must separate from uncontrolled flames. The naked eye can’t see the difference – yet our detectors can.

Norwegian authorities demands smoke detection wherever it can be used. And it is forbidden to disable the detectors during the course of the show. Our solution with flame detectors and multisensors conforms with there regulations. The fire detection is every bit as good during a show as before and after – providing optimal safety both for the people on and off stage, and the audience.

Flame detector land

AutroFlame IR flame detector

AutroFlame is an IR point flame detector detecting fires in organic materials. Smart technology ensures that the detector is highly immune to false alarm sources, making it the right choice on stage. It has a range of up to 25 metres, and can be set to different sensitivity classes. It is tested during a live show, located 10-15 metres from and pointing directly at the pyrotechnic effects. The detector was not fooled.
The detector can be mounted in a standalone system with our small fire alarm control panel Autroprime, or be integrated as one of 127 units on a loop in a larger fire detection system, for complete fire safety in the entire building.

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Two-detector dependency

Multisensors in dual-detector dependence

During the show, our multisensors are set to industry function, reducing the sensitivity to smoke while the sensitivity to incipient fires remains high. You can even optimize the sensitivity depending of the time of day.
Setting a dual-detector dependence means that the evacuation will not commence until two alarms are raised in the same zone. The same goes for alerting the fire department, buying extra time for technical personnel to assess the situation and take action.

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Why choose Autronica fire safety

Operational Manager

Responsible for the safety of everyone present in the building. The system must be operational at all times.
  • Smart technology prolongs the life cycle and enhances the precision of the detector
  • The number of manual inspections are reduced to a minimum, the system lets you know when detectors need to be replaced.


Responsible for the safety of everyone present in the building, ensuring that a potential fire is detected even in the middle of the show.
  • Smart technology makes the detectors sensitive to flames, ignore artificial smoke, and react instantly.

Fire department

Responsible for fire fighting, lifesaving and salvage rescue. Quick response is essential to limit damage to the life, environment and property.
  • Early warning enables early turnout and fire fighting.
  • Smart technology recognizes sources of stage smoke and pyrotechnics, reducing the number of unwanted alarms.


Can design the show as he pleases, with no second thought to the detection system limiting his creativity.


Get a fantastic experience, all the while being safe from fire!