Tunnels require an advanced voice evacuation system with custom tunnel speakers. The voice should be heard clearly and distinctly, and the system should be robust in stainless steel built to withstand conditions of high acoustics. 

Redundant communications between controllers and fireman microphone ensures that the message is heard loud and clear throughout the entire tunnel – every time.

S4T - Safety for tunnels


Main parameters of the AutroVoice MULTIVES System:

  • Compliance with EN 54-16, EN 60849
  • Up to 32 GB SD flash memory dedicated to playback and recording messages (48 kHz, 16 bit)
  • Maximum number of simultaneously played messages dependent on the number of loudspeaker line control cards in the system
  • Intercom function between all microphones
  • External audio inputs in every control unit and zone microphones
  • 4 common 100 V audio buses for budget solutions with maximum 4 messages played simultaneously
  • Up to 12 monitored amplifiers supported on each control unit
  • DSP with implemented 3 band parametric
  • EQ on all inputs and 8 band parametric
  • EQ, delay line, audio limiter and feedback suppressor on all audio outputs
  • Complex control inputs / outputs and RS485 interfaces for Fire Alarm Systems and BMS integration
  • 8 x 80,8 x 160 and 2 x 650 W bridgeable Class D amplifiers