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AutroGuard® multicriteria protector

product launch


Imagine; one small device that ensures our safety wherever we are. And even in places where we are not present, or in places where maintaining safety is challenging. A device that has brought together all the features and the technology that completely safeguard us from the dangers that can lead to fire in modern times. 

It monitors our surroundings 24 hours a day, and sees potential dangers in them. It reacts precisely, immediately and clearly when something challenges our safety, down to the very smallest particle. Because it recognizes them all, and it knows exactly how and when to react. It clearly notifies us through sound, light or a pleasant voice. And we don’t have to maintain it or worry if it works. 

We are never afraid. We are always safe. 

The AutroGuard® multicriteria protector is here, a whole new era of fire safety. Designed for the safety of our generation, rigged to look after the generations to come.

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