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BS-100 Spare Part Discontinuation - its Time to Upgrade


In 2016, the discontinuation of BS-100 spare parts ​is coming into effect.

BS-100 is clearly a solid hero. However, it represents an old generation fire and gas safety system. It is no longer manufactured, and spare parts and field equipment related will no longer be available.

It is easy to upgrade to AutroSafe - the new generation interactive fire and gas safety system.

Our high-end fire detection system AutroSafe provides innovative, flexible and integrated fire safety solutions that can easily be tailored to different applications and needs.

Reliable and proven solutions meeting today’s strict requirements and standards within fire safety.

  • Advanced technology simplifies service and maintenance, resulting in minimum downtime
  • Cost-effective – fast and easy access to spare parts, service and support
  • Favorable terms and conditions for service and warranty agreements​

Upgrade gradually - or all at once

If you choose to upgrade to AutroSafe, you have the choice to ​go all the way at once, or make an incremental change. It all depends on the age and/or expected remaining lifetime of your system.
1. Exchange only fire panels. In case the detectors are of a newer date or in a satisfying state, the replacement of panels could be a good enough solution.
2. Exchange fire panel and detector of one or multiple loops. Gradual upgrade of the detectors. Keep the cabling from the existing system.
3. Complete replacement of detectors, panels and communication towards the control system. You're left with a top notch fire and gas detection system, providing your people and equipment the best safety money can buy.

Our skilled sales personnel is ready to help you find the best, safest and most cost effective​ solution for upgrading your fire and gas safety system.

Contact us today to find out more.​