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Flexifog® micro

The new accommodation water mist system for maritime applications
Autronica Fire and Security AS has developed a new water mist nozzle for the FlexiFOG® water mist system based on the concept LESS IS MORE. FlexiFOG® micro accommodation water mist system protecting public space, cabins, corridors and storage areas is the number one solution providing a highly efficient water mist fire suppression system with low weight, easy installation and state-of-the-art design.

FlexiFOG® micro deserves its name in more than one capacity:
Uses less power and water – The pump pressure of the FlexiFOG® micro accommodation water mist system is only 20% of similar high-pressure systems, and in combination with its low water consumption, the power consumption is reduced with more than 50%.
Weighs less – The design on a medium sized ferry with approximately 1500 nozzles, enables a weight reduction of approx. 2 tons.
Takes up less space – The back-up tank for one minute operation covering 280 m2 will be reduced with more than 70% compared to traditional sprinkler systems. The weight of the zone valves is reduced with more than 50% compared to the other low-pressure systems offered.
Less visible – The nozzle can be flush mounted, measuring only 8 mm below the ceiling. Client-specified colours mean it can also be adapted to any surrounding environment.
Costs less – By utilizing a press fittings pipe system, the installation cost will be reduced with approximately 25% compared to traditional piping. When adding up the reduced power and water consumption, and the reduced size of the tanks and valves, the cost benefits are significant.Totally integrated solution – one supplier
FlexiFOG® micro accommodation water mist system from Autronica Fire and Security AS can be integrated into a single-supplier fire detection and suppression system. The FlexiFOG® water mist fire suppression system can protect accommodation areas, machinery space areas as total flooding and local protection with one single pump package. Additionally, the control system can be integrated with AutroSafe fire detection system including AutroMaster 5000 presentation system. This means the bridge can have total control of the vessel’s entire fire protection system on one single computer screen.