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AutroSense Cascade product launch


AutroSense Cascade is a scalable aspirating smoke detection solution that makes installation easier, maintenance quicker, and takes applications further than traditional air sampling detectors.

An AutroSense Cascade system consists of two basic module types :

  1. Display module – provides control and monitoring of detector modules
  2. Detector module – draws air from the risk area and samples it for smoke particles

Up to eight detector modules can be controlled and monitored via one display module with each detector module capable of serving up to 250 m of combined sampling pipe.

Display and detector module combinations are known as a cluster with devices in the cluster communicating via RS485. This unique modular design allows for clusters to be non-distributed or distributed giving significant design advantages such as maximising pipework coverage and reduced transport times.

AutroSense Cascade is not just about efficient and flexible system design, it also excels with simple user controls, detailed display information, connectivity and easy maintenance. From the designer through to the end user, AutroSense Cascade provides benefits for everyone.

AutroSense Cascade embraces exciting new design aspects integrated with proven features and technologies, such as ClassiFire® and waste gate technology.

Whether it’s providing early warning detection within a clean room environment or providing a problem solving solution for harsh or unusual applications, AutroSense Cascade excels to provide a robust and reliable aspirating smoke detection solution.

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