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Product launch - the world's first plug and play fire detection system

Imagine a sophisticated fire detection system for an oil rig, a cruise vessel or a nuclear power plant...
Imagine the cost and complexity involved...
Imagine all this technology and knowledge put together in a cost-effective, simple-to-use, easy-to-install fire detection system for a typical kindergarden, office block, appartment building or a small shop... at a fraction of the price!

Autronica has managed to compress 50 years of research and development aimed at the extreme high-end market into a product aimed at the small-to-medium sized commercial market without compromising safety and functionallity.

For small-to-medium sized applications, Autroprime brings simplicity, quality, cost-effectiveness and extensive functionality in one integrated system. Autronica Fire and Security AS is proud to bring this advanced detection system to the market: Autroprime — fire detection made easy. Normally, high-end functionality entails complexity in use; this is not the case with Autroprime. We present a well-packaged fire detection solution with a simple interface for installation, commissioning and use.

Plug and play: Autroprime is provided to the user in a pre-configured state. In this state the panel is set to automatically recognize detectors and other loop units connected to the detection loops and the availability of routing equipment, etc. As such, the system is fully functional and ready-to-use after a few minutes, simply by turning the power ON. Further site-specific configuration can easily be performed if necessary.

A functional verification of the system is run to assure the system itself is fully functional. The system  can also be equipped with the SelfVerify functionallity found in our high-end product range: AutroSafe. This will ensure the user that the system will work according to regulations every single day. Furthermore, the system will inform the user when detectors need maintenance, ensuring optimized life-cycle cost.

Autroprime - fire detection made easy