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Tailored solutions

How does one optimize fire and gas safety in different environments with different requirements and challenges? We take care of the entire process; from planning and design until complete, installed solution.

By way of comprehensive application solutions we make it easier to tailor safety at everything from schools, hotels and hospitals to cruise ships and complex offshore installations.

Our new AutroWorld will show you our solutions in a brand new and innovative way. 

What happens if you have to evacuate the airport? The consequences of an evacuation, with the following delays in air traffic, are severe, both to society and in direct economic losses.
Cruise ships
8,000 people out at sea – and you're responsible for their safety. From the spa to the kitchen, stages with pyrotechnic smoke, large atriums and below sea level machine rooms.
Facade protection launch
High-rises, schools, daycare centres, museums, asylum centres, cultural heritage – over the last years there have been many examples of fires originating in façades causing much damage.
A hospital is a large, complex construction to protect. It usually consists of several buildings spread over a large area, and here there are activities going on that can not be interrupted, even by fire.
How many people are you responsible for on any given night? A hotel visit should be pleasant and worry-free. Very few guests give a second thought to fire safety during their stay. That's why it is necessary that you do.
LNG plants
The historical safety record for the LNG industry is strong. Engineering, installation and lifetime use takes into account the well known hazards of such an installation.
The metro system is the blood stream of any large city - an exciting and vital part of the infrastructure. It is of great importance that we keep the metro up and running - without any unnecessary shut-downs - at all times.
Outdoor waste areas
Outdoor waste areas are often filled with large amounts of flammable materials, stored close to buildings. How long will it take before a fire outside your building is detected?
Parking facilities
How do we provide clear detection in a polluted area? A parking garage often contains a lot of dust, pollution, and exhaust, leading to challenges detecting fires.
Schools and daycare centres
Our children spend most of their day in school or preschool.  The everyday life here focuses on play, education and development. Our biggest fear is that something will threaten their safety – whether it is fire or other threats.
Shale shaker ventilations
Reliable gas detection has been close to impossible in the dirtiest environments offshore. So far.