Facade fire safety

Safety on the outside

Why choose Autronica fire safety

Operational manager

  • Responsible for the safety of everyone residing in the building.
  • The system must be operational at all times.
  • Smart technology prolongs the life cycle and enhances the precision of the detector
  • Weather proof detector and extra weather protection in the bracket ensures optimal operation in any climate


  • Responsible for the safety of everyone residing in the building
  • An incipient fire must be detected as soon as possible
  • The flame detector detect fire rather than waiting for smoke to seep into the building. With this type of facade protection a fire will be discovered far earlier.

Fire department

  • Responsible for fire fighting, lifesaving and salvage rescue. Quick response is essential to limit damage to life, environment and property.
  • Early warning enables early turn-out and fire fighting.
  • Smart technology recognizes sources of error and reduces the number of unwanted alarms


  • Have a safer everyday life, and gain more time to evacuate should the worst thing happen.