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The place that can never be evacuated

A hospital is a large, complex construction to protect. It usually consists of several buildings spread over a large area, and here there are activities going on that can not be interrupted, even by fire. If an evacuation still is required, it is a time consuming exercise, with many immobile patients.

We must also take to heart that we live in a globalized world, where we need systems to deal with terror threats effectively – even in a hospital.

In such cases it is useful to have a system that requires minimal time to detect and raise the alarm.

Integrated safetry and emergency management system
AutroMaster combines the strengths of a powerful fire detection system with functions dedicated to make sure you are in control in case of an emergency. It is easy to use, with an intuitive graphic user interface providing a clear overview of the monitored areas. From here you can control a broad range of systems.
AutroMaster is placed in the technical department, providing complete control of all the hospital’s buildings – or all hospitals in the region.
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Fire alarm panels
One panel is placed in every protected building. Fire brigade panels are located near all entrances and in all nurses’ stations. Our loop powered panels communicate and are powered through the detection loop.
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Standard detectors
Our smoke, heat and multisensors covers most needs for fire detection. Smart technology offers longer life, better protection against unwanted alarms, and shorter response time to smouldering fires.
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Flame detectors
Our flame detector is ideal for the protection of facades, and garbage storage areas.
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Aspirating smoke detectors
High-sensitivity smoke detection is designed for use in particularly clean or polluted areas in need of extra protection.
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Voice alarm
The voice alarm central is placed in the technical department, ensuring efficient and safe evacuation in case of an emergency. Each zone receives dedicated information.
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Why choose Autronica fire safety
Technical department
Responsible for ensuring that all persons present in the building are safe, in that the system is working correctly at all times. Spends less time on daily operations
  • Easy enabling/disabling during maintenance
  • Automatic logging of events
  • Mobile operation
  • Top system connecting all fire safety systems.
Hospital management
Is primarily responsible for ensuring the everyday operations run smoothly, without interruption.
  • Smart technology reduces the scope of manual control while increasing safety and doubling the detector lifetime
Fire department
Responsible for fire fighting, lifesaving and salvaging remaining value. Short response time is essential to minimize damage to life, environment, and property, and to ensure minimal downtime. Benefits from early detection and precise warning, few unwanted alarms
  • Smart technology detects fire faster and eliminates unwanted alarms
  • Handheld/tablet AutroMaster shows fire progress and indicates precise location
Responsible for action in an evacuation. Must be up to date on evacuation procedures at all times. Get easy, clear information in an emergency situation:
  • See where the alarm originates
  • Faster handling of the situation
  • Better and safer evacuation
  • Can rehearse different scenarios without disturbing the everyday operations
Have a safe stay at the hospital, and can rest assured that the hospital staff have the information and qualifications needed to handle not only medical emergencies – but all emergencies.