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How many people are you responsible for on any given night?

A hotel visit should be pleasant and worry-free. Very few guests give a second thought to fire safety during their stay. That's why it is necessary that you do.

Have you ever thought about the complexity of a hotel? From the spa to the kitchen, stages with pyrotechnic smoke, large atriums and underground parking.

Hotels are often high-rise buildings, and it is a long way from the top floor to safety.

Smart technology
Our SelfVerify technology perform a check of every single detector, every day. The system is tested all the way from the detector chamber to the alarm output, without disrupting daily operations. The system verifies the sensitivity of every detector with a calibrated signal.
The need for manual testing with test smoke, which in itself deteriorates the detectors, is significantly reduced. A visual check is enough. SelfVerify means fewer interruptions, extended equipment life cycle, more precise detection - logged.
Additionally, all our standard detectors are equipped with DYFI+, filters providing better and faster detection with fewer unwanted alarms.
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Fire alarm panels
The fire alarm control panel is placed in the technical room. A fire brigade panel placed in any point of entry. Information/repeater panels can communicate and be powered through the detection loop.
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Presentation system
An AutroMaster presentation system monitor is placed in the reception, providing full control and monitoring of the building. Simplifies maintenance through automatic log. All documentation can easily be retrieved from the report generator.
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Aspirating smoke detector
Our aspirating smoke detector is the detector of choice in atriums and underground parking. It has automatic adaptation to the environment, which ensures accurate detection and reduces the risk of unwanted alarms.
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Flame detector
Our flame detector is effective when it comes to stage/pyrotechnic shows. It is also ideal for exterior protection of buildings, such as garbage storage and facade.
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Why choose Autronica fire safety
Operational manager
Responsible for ensuring that all persons present in the building are safe, in that the system is working correctly at all times.
Spend less time on daily operations:
  • Easy on/off during maintenance
  • Automatic logging of events
  • Mobile operation
  • Smart technology makes time-consuming testing superfluous and simplifies control.
Responsible in an alarm situation until the fire department arrives. Must obtain an overview quickly, and either get people out or take action without the guests being affected.
Get simple information at a glance in an emergency:
  • Exact location of alarm(s)
  • Faster handling of situation
  • Better and safer evacuation
Fire department
Responsible for fire fighting, lifesaving and salvage rescue. Quick response is essential to protect life, environment and property.
Benefit from early detection and timely notification, few unwanted alarms:
  • Smart technology detects fire faster and eliminates unwanted alarms
  • Precise indication of location
Must ensure that the fire alarm system is inspected and maintained regularly, and that the system is functioning as intended – always.
Get predictability at the lowest operating and life cycle cost possible:
  • Smart technology reduces the scope of manual control while increasing safety and doubling the detector lifetime
Get the good hotel experience, with a minimal amount of disruption. They avoid unnecessary, intimidating situations, and get a better customer experience. And most important - they can sleep safely at night.