Outdoor waste areas are often filled with large amounts of flammable materials, stored close to buildings. Materials that can self-ignite or be set on fire intentionally. Such areas are seldom protected due to lack of fire detection systems covering the facade. A fire is not discovered until the smoke has seeped into the building, where the detectors are located. By then it might be too late. 

One of the major challenges protecting the outside of buildings is limiting the monitoring to the concerned objects or areas, and not the surrounding area. Snow, rain and dirt are also affecting the detection. We have found a solution that works.

Outdoor protection with AutroFlame IR flame detector

In order to save lives and prevent damage to buildings, it is crucial that the fire is detected as early as possible and that the fire department is notified immediately.

AutroFlame IR flame detector is robust and environmentally protected, making it ideal for outdoor use. The flame detector is mounted on a discreet bracket protecting the detector against the weather. Limited by the walls of the bracket, the detector field of view is 45 degrees. The mounting arm is adjustable to adapt the detector’s cone of vision according to needs, both horizontally and vertically. In this way, the flame detector is directed at the facade only, without interruption from the surrounding area. It is also protected from snow, water or other kinds of pollution that is limiting or obstructing the detector’s visibility or sensitivity.