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Parking facilities

A parking garage often contains a lot of dust, pollution, and exhaust, leading to challenges detecting fires. Standard smoke detection is usually not suitable.

Heat detecting cables or heat detectors are sometimes used to protect parking garages. However, such technologies require a lot of heat before reacting, especially if the detector is not situated directly above the fire.

Parking garages are often a part of a larger buildings, like shopping malls, hotels, hospitals or apartment buildings. Having a large amount of vehicles, including fuel, placed under a building with a massive amount of people, often sleeping or unable to evacuate without help, can lead to critical situations and loss of life.

Flame detection is a safe choice
Open flame is usually the critical issue in parking garages. Flame spreading from one car to the next, eventually igniting fuel. The need for early detection of open flame is critical to avoid a massive fire, possibly leading to loss of life and property.
The Autronica Dual IR flame detector will monitor the entire area and give warning within seconds when an open flame is observed.
DYFI+ intelligence ensure that the detector has a high immunity to any nuisance alarm source and makes this detector the obvious choice for demanding applications.
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Fire alarm control panel
The main panel is placed in the operating control room, with information panels by all entrances.
Information/repeater panels can communicate and be powered through the detection loop.
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Standard detector
Our smoke, heat and multisensors cover the rest of the building.
Smart technology offers longer life, better protection against unwanted alarms, and shorter response time to smouldering fires.
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Presentation system
An AutroMaster monitor is placed in the operating control room, providing full control and monitoring of the building. Simplifies maintenance through automatic log. All documentation can easily be retrieved from the report generator.
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Why choose fire safety from us
Operational manager
Responsible for ensuring that all persons and vehicles present in the building are safe, in that the system is working correctly at all times.
  • Smart technology prolongs the life cycle and enhances the precision of the detector
  • Top system provides control of the entire building, and events are logged automatically
Responsible for keeping the parking facilities up and running at all times.
  • Early detection means faster handling of the situation
  • Smart technology enhances the precision of the detector, leading to fewer unwanted alarms
Fire department
Responsible for fire fighting, lifesaving and salvaging remaining value. Quick response and accurate information is essential to protect life, environment and property.
Benefit from early detection and timely notification, few unwanted alarms:
  • Smart technology ensures faster fire detection and eliminates unwanted alarms
  • Loop panels provide precise indication of location
Car owners
can rest assured that their cars are parked safely, and that the building and any residents will be notified as early as possible should a fire break out.