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Schools and daycare centers

Safety threats against children are our worst nightmare

Our children spend most of their day in school or preschool. Our biggest fear is that something will threaten their safety – whether it is fire or other threats.

The everyday life here focuses on play, education and development. For those owning and running these establishments, however, safety must always be a top priority.

Our job is protecting those closest to our hearts. How do we do that in the best way possible?

Voice alarm
AutroVoice MULTIVES voice alarm system with two-way communication allows communication between administration and classrooms in an emergency situation. It can also be used for everyday functions like ringing the school bell and communication of direct and pre-recorded information to parts of – or the whole – school. The two-way communication with each classroom can be a useful tool in the daily communication. The classroom microphone console also has an audio input, where multimedia sound can be transmitted via the local loudspeaker. You can upgrade the loudspeakers in the sports’ hall and auditorium, and use AutroVoice to play stage sound.
For larger school complexes, several AutroVoice MULTIVES systems can be connected in a redundant fibre network.
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Fire alarm panels
The fire alarm control panel can be placed in the janitor’s office, with information panels by all entrances and in the principal’s office. Information/repeater panels can communicate and be powered through the detection loop.
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Standard detectors
Our smoke, heat and multisensors cover most needs for fire detection. Smart technology offers longer life, better protection against unwanted alarms, and shorter response time to smouldering fires.
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Flame detector
Our flame detector is ideal for exterior protection of buildings, such as near garbage storages.
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Tamper proof call points
Fire detection systems in schools are often subjected to vandalism. Manual call points are a cherished target for students passing by, getting a whim, resulting in a full emergency response and a bitter fine from an already strained budget. To solve this, we provide a "tampering cover" to be mounted over the call point.

In order to activate the call point you need to flip open a lid connected to a local alarm. This alarm is not connected to the fire detection system, but will draw attention if activated unnecessarily. In a real fire situation an extra alarm will not make a difference, but hopefully it will stop the student from pressing the button.
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Why choose Autronica fire safety
Responsible for ensuring that all persons present in the building are safe, and that the system is working correctly at all times. Spends less time on maintenance and gains more control:
  • Can communicate directly with the classroom and give instructions in an emergency
  • Smart technology makes time-consuming testing superfluous and simplifies control
Has the superior responsibility for the safety of our children while they are in school or preschool, as well as financial responsibilities. Gets a safe system, providing the staff with useful tools in a threatening situation:
  • Smart technology detects fire faster and eliminates expensive emergency response due to false alarms
Emergency services
Responsible for resolving the situation, whether it is fire fighting, lifesaving or eliminating threats. Quick response and accurate information is essential to protect life, environment and property.
  • Can communicate with classrooms, or the entire school
  • Smart technology detects fire faster and eliminates unwanted alarms
  • Loop panels provide precise indication of location
Responsible for knowing what is happening, and when. Must obtain an overview quickly, and either get people out or take other kinds of action. Get help in an emergency, can communicate with task management and take action
  • Two-way communication through the voice alarm system
  • Fire detection information panels pinpoint location of fire
The children!
We ensure a safe weekday in school or preschool, where they can roam freely. Should anything threaten them, their safety is ensured.