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Product release AutroXT Extinguishant Control Panel


Autronica Fire and Security is proud to introduce the AutroXT Extinguishant Control Panel BA-51/1.With this standard-compliant panel – used together with Autronica’s interactive fire detection systems AutroSafe 4 or Autroprime – we extend the fire safety even further.

AutroXT Extinguishant Control Panel BA-51/1 has two fully monitored inputs for connection to fire detection control equipment or addressable control modules to provide an EN 12094-1.

Its many programmable features and extensive range of inputs and outputs make the BA-51/1 suitable for all extinguishing applications where a fully featured control device is required.


  • Approved to EN 12094-1
  • Dual extinguishant outputs
  • First and second stage sounder outputs
  • First and second stage relay contacts
  • Main reserve facility
  • Discharge countdown time indicator

Typical installations

  • Power plants
  • Computer rooms
  • Engine rooms
  • Switchboard rooms


Take a look through the brochure.

For more information, take a look at our datasheet