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Training calendar

We host training courses for all our systems and products, providing certifications for our various systems. Evaluations and feedback from our participants ensure the high quality of our courses. We are convinced that the best way to learn is through practical training, and our training courses are thus based on this principle. All training courses end up in a final written examination.


No. of days
Registration Deadline
10 September
1 day
10 August
18 September-19 September
2 days
18 August
23 September-24 September
2 days
23 August
12 November
1 day
12 October
20 November-21 November
2 days
20 October
25 November-26 November
2 days
25 October
General information

Daily schedule:
Classes normally run from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. CET. Please arrive at the training centre at least 10 minutes before starting time.
Lunch is normally from noon until 12:30 p.m.

Training costs/fees are given on request.

Training certificate:
The last day of training will be rounded off with an exam. in order to pass the exam and receive the training certificate, the participant will need a score of at least 65% correct answers. We will send the training certificate to the participant's office address.

The training certificate is valid for the named participant as employed at his/her company.

Autronica Fire and Security AS has a minimum limit of 8 students participating at technical courses, and any courses with fewer enrolled students will be cancelled. Students who fail to show up for class, without prior notification, will be charged in full.

Personal ID:
According to UTC security guidelines, we will ask for your passport when you enter the Autronica premises. In addition, we strongly recommend you scan and email your passport prior to the training. Please send your passport scan to the following email address: 

[email protected]

Autronica Academy will, at the beginning of the training, provide you with copies of all necessary documentation in PDF format: handbooks, datasheets and course presentations.

Please bring your computer to the training. Training documentation will be available in PDF format.

In case you intend to bring your own computer, please make sure you purchase and install the required software prior to the training course. Autronica software may be acquired from your Autronica sales contact, and will not be distributed during the training courses.
Required software should be installed on private computers prior to the course:

  • Autroprime software:
  • AutroClient (latest version)
  • AutroSafe software:
  • AutroSafe Configuration Tool (latest version)
  • AS2000 Loop Diagnostics Tool (latest version)
  • AutroSense software:
  • Remote (latest version)
  • PipeCAD (latest version)