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Autronica Fire and Security celebrates 60 years of innovation

We are proud to celebrate our 60th anniversary, marking six decades of innovation in fire and gas detection.

Since 1957, Autronica has played a major role in developing the modern smoke detector as it is known today. In 1970, Autronica was the first to introduce a low-voltage smoke detector and in 1979, we developed the first analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system. In 2004 we launched the first IEC61508 SIL 2-approved system. These innovations, and many others, have all gone through the entire product life cycle - from idea, development and manufacturing to the marketing, sales and servicing of our products - at Autronica's headquarters in Trondheim, Norway.

"We're proud of our long history and the role we've played in paving the way for a safer life for people around the world. That legacy inspires us to keep pushing the limits of innovation in the fire and gas safety industry, strengthening our commitment to protecting life, environment, and property," said Frode Lund, Managing Director. "Our employees have always been the key to our success. The knowledge they possess and the work they do every day is the number one key factor in our business"

In recent years, Autronica has become a complete system provider, by integrating suppression and security solutions with fire and gas alarm systems through a graphical control and monitoring system.

Autronica is a provider of fire and gas safety solutions on the Norwegian continental shelf for the oil and gas industry, and to cruise ships all over the world. Our systems are constantly working to help protect lives and property both onshore and offshore. Autronica employees in 10 countries are always working to ensure the world is as safe as it can be from fire and gas related incidents.