LNG plants

LNG plant

Fire & Gas detection system for LNG plants

Fire & gas safety in LNG plants

AutroSafe panels

AutroSafe Integrated fire & gas detection system

Our high-end AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas detection system provides innovative, flexible and integrated fire safety solutions that can easily be tailored to different applications and needs. Reliable and proven solutions meeting today’s strict requirements and standards within fire safety.

  • Advanced technology simplifies service and maintenance, resulting in minimum downtime
  • Cost-effective – fast and easy access to spare parts, service and support
  • Favorable terms and conditions for service and warranty agreements

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AutroPath – Line-of-sight IR gas detection

Line-of-Sight infrared (LOS IR) gas detectors provide continuous monitoring of combustible hydrocarbon gas concentrations in a wide range (typically, 0 to 5 LFL-meters, over a distance of 5 to 120 meters). They must function under the heavy vibration typical of an industrial site and must endure harsh environments.

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AutroTox – Catalytic combustible gas detection

The GT3000 toxic gas detector is an intelligent stand-alone industrial gas detector that provides continuous monitoring of the atmosphere for hazardous gas leaks or oxygen depletion.

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AutroPoint – IR hydrocarbon gas detection

The AutroPoint family of point IR gas detectors lead the industry in quality, performance, and lowest cost of ownership.Across the globe, optical IR gas detection is now the preferred detection technology for early warning of flammable hydrocarbon gas leaks.

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AutroSonic – Acoustic gas detection

The AutroSonic acoustic gas leak detector hears gas leaks that others don’t – the instant they occur. It is the first non-contact gas leak detector of its kind that recognizes unique sound “fingerprints,” analyzing 24 discrete ultrasonic bands, while ignoring nuisance ultrasonic sources.

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Flame detector POG

AutroFlame – Multispectrum IR flame detection

Prevent unnecessary costly operational shutdowns with the enhanced X33 multispectrum infrared flame detector. From refineries to turbines, offshore exploration/production to hangars, FPSOs to fuel storage, let the X33 protect your personnel, assets and property

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